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The Administrative Council of the Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) conducted a meeting regarding university policies on employee conduct and dress code at the LSPU Board Room, LSPU-Los Baños Campus, July 5.

The Administrative Council meeting was attended by Efren Dela Paz, Vice President for Administration; Eden C. Callo, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Elena M. Manaig, Federated President of the Faculty Association (FA); Paulina Q. Quisido, FA President of San Pablo City Campus; Chester Alexis C. Buama, FA President of Los Baños Campus; Nikko Lee L. Dandan, BAO Chairperson of Los Baños Campus; Princess L. Lontoc, BAO Staff of Sta. Cruz Campus; Melissa Rose A. Tupas, HRMO of Sta. Cruz Campus; Ana Digi F. Meraña, HRMO Staff of San Pablo City Campus; and Kevin A. Amante, Technical Staff from the office of the vice president.

Lifting from CSC No. 14 and 29 s. 1991 and serving as the presiding officer for the meeting, VP Dela Paz gave the body a refresher discussion on the prescribed dress code for all government officials and employees which included the conformity to schedule, scope of inclusion, and exemptions.

On the appeal on supervision, VP Dela Paz reminded the body of the authority deans have over their teaching and non-teaching personnel, extended to monitoring and reporting of noncompliant and/or misbehaving employees. The duties and responsibilities are not solely given to the Human Resources office; whatever misconduct/non-compliance must be reported accordingly for proper action.

Vice President Callo appealed to the body the privilege for administrative officials belonging to the top management be given consideration on reporting time, specifically regarding the attendance to official university businesses that last beyond official office hours.

Further, VP Callo called for the updating of the manual in regard to the enactment of R.A. 11210 also known as “105-day Expanded Maternity Leave”. In line with this, Chester Alexis C. Buama, FA President of Los Baños Campus, inquired the extension of enjoying the right for maternity leave, grounded on possible instance when an employee conceives a child for successive years. To assure that the function of the offices meets the standard, the body agreed that an employee is granted the enjoyment of maternity leave thrice only.

Buama, FA President of Los Baños Campus, cited the conflicting rule on the granting of scholarship to faculty as stated in the scholarship manual, whereas only 1 percent of the faculty shall avail it at a time, as opposed to the right for equal opportunity for all. VP Callo and FA President Manaig likewise raised their concern on the clarification of who and how many shall avail such scholarships and study leave at the same time.

Concern on the bureaucratic practices, or the practice of overly concern with procedures for the accomplishment of a task in the university on the expense of efficiency, was raised on two occasions: 1.) FA Federated President Manaig raised her concern on the number of requirements needed to accomplish in order to be provided with the overload pay; and 2.) VP Callo likewise mentioned the tedious documentation process an office has to complete, especially for official university functions/activities to be performed outside of school. They sought the approval of the body for the Human Resource office to do something about the concern, doing away with too many bureaucratic procedures in completing a single communication or task that could be minimized to assure efficiency.

The meeting ended with determining the new sets of uniforms to be used for the new school year.