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(Contract of Service, SG 12, 6 months)


o Licensed Chemical Technician

• Open for fresh graduate, relevant work experience is an advantage

• Knowledgeable in Analytical Laboratory works

o Willing to work overtime during regular days and even on holidays (if needed)

Can work collaboratively with faculty, staff and students

Job Description

o Set up, operate, and maintain laboratory instruments (e.g., spectrometers, chromatographs and titrators) and equipment.

o Performs laboratory procedures, analytical tests and conducts experiments.

• Preparing samples for analysis by techniques such as weighing, mixing, diluting, and labeling according to specific requirements and protocols.

o Records data accurately, present results and analyses in reports.

o Adheres to safety protocols and guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment. This includes handling hazardous materials properly, wearing protective gear, and following appropriate disposal procedures.