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BRAVEST OF THEM ALL:  LSPU 1st University in Region IV  to undergo IA

The Laguna State Polytechnic University braved the Institutional Accreditation (IA), making it the first State University in Region IV.

After three months of preparation and consultation, LSPU submitted its Sta. Cruz-Main Campus for review and evaluation of the Association of Chartered Colleges and Universities (AACCUP) Inc., April 22-26.

The five-day accreditation was comprised of nine areas for evaluation, namely: Governance and Management (Area 1); Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation (Area 2); Faculty and Staff (Area 3); Research (Area 4); Extension, Consultancy, and Linkages (Area 5); Support to Students (Area 6); Library (Area 7); Infrastructure and other Learning Resources (Area 8); and Quality Assurance Culture (Area 9). Each area was headed by top management officials concerned with the respective area such as vice presidents, directors, chairpersons, and deans with the support of the faculty and staff of the university.


Commendations and Recommendations

The university received positive feedback in its management in terms of its SUC level, ISO certification, outstanding performance of the College of Nursing and Allied Health (CONAH), and competent head librarian among others.

For the improvement, the accreditors recommended the need to review the organizational structure of the university, proper packaging of documents for survey, hiring of the most qualified faculty, advertising of vacated positions, conducting of tracer studies, and securing of certificate of occupancy (building permits) among others.