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March 13, 2019   Santa Cruz Campus   Campus Wide

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LSPU-SCC holds 1st ACAD Meeting for 2019

Laguna State Polytechnic University-Sta. Cruz (Main) Campus conducted the first Academic Council Meeting for the second semester of school year 2018-2019.

 Among the concerns discussed and agreed upon were the following: appeal for changing of grades, updates on the status of freshmen enrolment for the next school year, status of the entrance exam instrument, policy on changing of grades, and decision on undergraduate thesis payment.

Dr. Eden C. Callo, Vice President for Academic Affairs, served as the presiding officer of the meeting which was attended by deans, faculty and concerned officials of the university. 

Each faculty member who had a concern on the changing of grades first presented their appeal then justified the reason for making such changes, most of which rooted in technical error in encoding of grades in the system.

To assure that the volume for accommodation of students will be met, deans of different colleges presented the number of sections to be offered and students to be accommodated. In compliance with ISO standard, each classroom will maintain 35-40 students only.

Meanwhile, Dr. Zenaida O. Vitasa, Director of Curriculum Instruction Development and Quality Assurance (CIDQA), gave an update on the status of programs and institutional accreditation of the campus.

The conduct of an academic council meeting was in compliance with the university policy as stipulated in Student Handbook 2014. However, upon the observing demand of the practice wherein faculty members have to be pulled out from their teaching hours, the council agreed to revise the existing policy; in the proposed resolution, only the concerned faculty, deans and VPAA would settle the matter of changing of grades. The provision for this new policy is that if the behavior is habitual, and need only then would an academic council will be called for. 

The board resolution for the meeting was accomplished, signed and presented to the office of the registrar for the changing of grades to take effect.***