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CHED Technical Committee  reviews LSPU Grad Programs for COPC

The Commission on Higher Education Technical Committee (CHED-TC) visited two campuses of the University to review the Graduate Programs for the granting of Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC).

Los Baños Campus and Siniloan Campus submitted themselves for CHED-TC assessment on July 29 and 30, respectively.

Headed by Dr. Marilou P. Oroceo, Education Supervisor II of CHED IV-A, the CHED technical committee evaluated the Graduate Studies and Applied Research (GSAR) programs based on faculty qualifications, syllabus, library resources, laboratory, researches and academic policies among others.

Alignment of the faculty teaching in the Graduate Program was reviewed. It was observed that there is sufficiency in the number of faculty members with majorship in Educational Management but lesser for other fields of specialization. Faculty members were also encouraged to avail for advanced training or Post-Doctoral studies to further their knowledge and be updated with the current trends in pedagogies in their respective fields of specialization.

It was also observed how traditional and repetitive assessments were evident in the syllabi of some faculty. The CHED-TC encouraged the program heads and members to observe constructive alignment and assure that the assessment is parallel with the objectives of the lesson.

Subscription to journals was also taken into consideration. Apart from general education researches, articles and journals must also be evident for each and clustered according to specialization; in turn, these resources that should be made available for the utilization of the teachers and students for classroom discussions.

Change in the nomenclature of “Social Science” into “Social Studies” and moving Guidance and Counselling from CTE to CAS were also noted.

These recommendations were presented for compliance in order for the graduate programs to be granted the COPC.***