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LSPU presents prelim  study on metal industries in  Calabarzon

LUCENA CITY—Laguna State Polytechnic University Vice President for Research and Development Dr. Corazon San Agustin presented the results of the preliminary studies on metal industries in  CALABARZON during the 3rd Quarter Meeting of the Special Committee on Strengthening Academic-Industry Linkages at Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation (MSUEF), July 24.

    Dr. San Agustin laid out proposals for consideration in the  conduct of academe partnership with metal industries such as acceptance of companies for trainees to parts of their   corporate responsibilities, increase of training hours, deployment of trainees to appropriate industries, creation of  in-house training program in the industry, implementation of skills development curriculum focusing on industry-responsive values (e.g., innovativeness, creativeness,  discipline and global competitiveness), provision of updated equipment to the academe, and regular conduct of Training for Trainers (ToT) in collaboration with   industries.

    The aforementioned recommendations were made in line with the objectives of the study to determine the status of the metal industries in Region IV-A; assess them with regards to serves, goods and capital, skilled labor/human capital, market, infrastructure, governance, and environmental concerns; determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats them may pose; and propose viable solutions to address them. 

    Using interview and survey methods, the study gathered 27 respondents composed of company owners and managers, supervisors of metal industries from Cavite (2),    Laguna (16), Batangas (3), Rizal (2) and Quezon (3). Most of them were micro to small-scale enterprises whose production is oriented to supplying the domestic market, specifically in manufacturing of parts and spare parts and design fabrication and installation. The study revealed that most of the respondents preferred TESDA certified/skilled workers and give above minimum compensation to their skilled employees, regardless of  gender. 

    Challenges were also presented such as concerns in procuring additional fund, need for support in terms of skills and capability enhancement training workshop, machineries/facilities upgrade, marketing strategies training, ISO certification, electric supply cost, and telephone and internet connections assistance for better communication. 

    In terms of focus group discussion, 39 respondents shared challenges met such as lack of quality raw materials, their high cost, and their difficulty in sourcing among others. Recommendations and plan of actions were presented in line with them.

    Also partaking in the preliminary studies on priority industries recommendations were Dr. Joanna Paula Ellaga of Southern Luzon State University (SLSU) for IT-BPM, Dr. German Peñaranda of University of Rizal System (URS) for Automotive, and Ms. Ronquillo of Batangas State University for Electronics and Petrochemical Industry. 

    Together with Dr. San Agustin were Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Eden C. Callo and College of Industrial Technology Dean Dr. Edilberto Andal.  

(VP E. Callo)