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May 4, 2021   Siniloan Campus   Campus Wide

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The Laguna State Polytechnic University-Agri-Aqua Technology Business Incubation (LSPU-AATBI) will co-incubate with Forest Products Research and Development Institute-Forest Products Technology Business Incubation (FPRDI-FBTBI) to process farm produce of start-up farm enterprises. The two DOST-PCAARRD funded ATBIs committed to process raw farm materials into profitable products amid ongoing global pandemic crisis.

The ATBIs committed to join forces on a meeting last September 2, 2020, with Engr. Isabelita Domingo and Ms. Mary Ann Barile, AATBI Project Leader and   Manager, respectively; Ms. Caroline Marie Garcia, FPTBI Project Leader; and Dr. Jenny Tamayo, FPRDI Technology Developer.  The two AATBI partner farm owners present in the meeting were Mr. and Mrs. Ador Sanchez of the Adoress Farm and Ms. Sally Mojado of the Matt and Kayla Family Goat Farm.   FPTBI, who has the processing technology and facilities on making germicidal soaps, hand sanitizers as well as essential oil, will train the farm producers process available raw materials such as tawa-tawa, citronella, and lemon grass.  

Also discussed in the meeting are the facilities for production, minimum requirements for extraction, supply sustainability, plant propagation, incubation schedule as the two ATBIs eye to start the trainings on October 2020, and the terms for the memorandum of agreement among ATBIs and farms.  -ML Barile & EELopez