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November 16, 2018   Siniloan Campus   Campus Wide

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Asian Association of Agricultural Colleges and Universities (AAACU STUDY TOUR PROGRAM 2018)

      A joint summer course program with Asian Association of  Agricultural Colleges and Universities Organization (AAACU)  and University of Queensland was held in Universitas Gadja Mada (Faculty of Animal Science and Agriculture) Yogyakarta, Indonesia last July 9-21, 2018.  The program which was undertaken every year aimed to provide a unique and interactive international summer experience.  Eighteen students from different countries including LSPU BS Agricultural Education student Paulo Orioste joined the program for two weeks to experience the fantastic opportunity to increase the intercultural competence and expand their network of international connections in the field of agriculture, technology innovations, culture and skills.


      The places, people, transportation and accommodation that the host institution  rendered to the delegates were highly appreciated. It was indeed a place of beauty, harmonious traditions, foods and people. The delegates explored the facilities and laboratories of the University which are highly equipped and can addressed the needs of their students to do progressive research and academic outputs.

      Speakers were all brilliant in discussing their topics showcasing their field of specializations including Indonesian’s culture, social and habits, learning their language , over view of Agricultural Development in Indonesia, Animal Production, Agro-animal based tourism and Fishery Management.


      The  activities effectively enlightened student not only in producing or grow cops or livestock but also on how to strategically manage and market the produce.  It was also a significant venue to let the future Agriculturists to become aware of the entrepreneurial risk management, industry preparedness and innovations to adapt to constantly changing environment.  The students were all thankful for the knowledge and skills that they have acquired from this wonderful academic experience.