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December 19, 2019   Los Baños Campus   Campus Wide

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Dr. Chester Alexis C. Buama Elects As Federated Faculty Association President

- Cris Quintela De Leon

Dr. Chester Alexis Buama elects as Federated Faculty Association President in an overwhelming margin, to take the key position as Faculty Representative in the LSPU Board of Regents during the Federated Faculty Association Elections at LSPU Main Campus, December 12, 2019.  Asked about his election, Dr. Buama said he was extremely overwhelmed with the trust and confidence given to him by his colleagues and vows to advance breakthrough programs and projects geared towards a more holistic faculty body in the University. 

#YEStoCHES Priority Programs

In a short interview after the elections, Dr. Buama outlined he would be agenda in his capacity as Faculty Regent.

These include:

1.  The proposal for the consideration of a four-day class scheme to generate more savings from electric and water consumptions, among others;

2.  The establishment and forging of more international linkages and international scholarship grants for faculty members,

3.  Lobbying for the legislation of the promotion scheme of SUC faculty members, development of mechanisms for the institutional meritorious promotion of faculty members; 

4.   Institutionalization of the "Gawad Sulo", an award-giving body that recognizes key people and institutions that push forward the frontiers of education and public service, as well as the World Teachers’ Day celebration;

5.  Lobbying for the construction of infrastructure projects for the University;

6.   Development of a comprehensive faculty development program that is responsive, dynamic and proactive to the needs of the modern educator.

Further, he added that his election does not only give him a chance to further the causes of the entire faculty body as a whole but also allows him to be an integral part of the University Board of Regents in critical decision making in various issues concerning the teaching force and the University in General.