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LSPU Nagcarlan Annex Building continues construction

The construction of the Annex Building of the Laguna State Polytechnic University-Nagcarlan Satellite Campus (LSPU-NSC) has been resumed after years since initial establishment, Oct 27.

Arch/Engr. Elmor Vitangcol Vita, Mayor of the Municipality of Nagcarlan, Laguna, shared on his Facebook post today that the current administration is working on making the three-story building functional.


“Itinutuloy na ang pagtatayo ng gusaling ito sa kapakinabangan ng kabataang Nagcarlangin,” stated Mayor Vita. 


Mayor Vita also explained that this action to continue the construction of the building is a testament of the local government’s effort to provide better condition among its constituents and guarantee the efficient utilization of resources for the improvement of Nagcarlan. 


The LSPU-NSC is one of the auxiliary campuses of LSPU, along with the LSPU-Magdalena and LSPU-Liliw Pilot Extension Classes in Laguna; and LSPU-Lopez in Quezon.