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Japanese prof, students visit LSPU mushroom center

Professors and students from the Nagasaki University (NU) in Japan went to the Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) to know more about the LSPU Mushroom Research and Production Center (MRPC), Feb. 29. 

NU delegates shared that since mushrooms are one of the commodities in the Philippines and Japan, they were interested to know the technology we use in producing mushrooms in a tropical country. 

Their visit is a part of their 6th Global Social Responsibility (GSR) Short-term Study Program in the Philippines. 

Located in the LSPU-Siniloan Campus (LSPU-SC), the MRPC is envisioned to be a leading mushroom production, research center, and processing facility in the province of Laguna. Under the management of A/Prof. Charmyne Sanglay, the mushroom facility now caters to instruction, research, extension, and production services with the support of LSPU and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). 

Apart from its variety of mushrooms, the MRPC also operates powered by the deployable mushroom growing house, a technology developed for resilient and sustainable mushroom production against disasters such as typhoons and flooding. The said facility also operates with automation especially when the temperature changes to ensure consistency of mushroom harvesting. 

The Japanese visitors had the opportunity to personally experience the preparation of the mushroom substrate, its incubation, and opening of fruiting bags. They also witnessed the process of pasteurization and inoculation of the fruiting bag and visited the milky mushroom area. 

Project Manager Sanglay shared that the mushrooms from our facility are currently out in the market. Powder, dehydrated, and canton are the outputs of research produced from the mushrooms. 

The LSPU MRPC started with the establishment of a small-scale kabutehan. It initially served as a practical learning ground for students interested in agricultural sciences, providing hands-on experience in mushroom cultivation.

Before the visitation to the university mushroom center, a short program was held at the Board Room of LSPU-SC wherein selected officials and delegates delivered their messages such as Yoko Ida, Professor from the Nagasaki University; Engr. Beltran P. Pedrigal, Vice President for Administration and Officer-in-charge (OIC) for the Office of Campus Director; and Dr. Jayson N. Olayta, Chairperson of the Office of Student Affairs (OSAS). 

Mr. Joseph Aldrin C. Ganibo served as master of ceremonies for the activity.

In attendance were selected officials, faculty, and staff of LSPU; delegates from NU, Japan; and Prof. Rei Chino C. Pua and Prof. JP Trespalacio from the College of Economics and Management of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB).