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January 29, 2020   University Wide   Campus Wide

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TNU-SFL Pre-Service  EFL teachers experience LSPU ESL teaching

Relative to mutual agreement and collaboration between Laguna State Polytechnic University and Thai Nguyen University in the field of Education and English Language Teaching, among others, the TNU-School of Foreign Languages management unanimously chose LSPU to be the external training center for Vietnamese ELT-pre-service teachers effective School Year 2019-2020. After having expressed such intention in a missive to LSPU President, Dr. Mario Briones, the University sent six EFL- pre-service teachers to LSPU for cultural exposure, study tour, and internship, i.e., rigid class observations and practice teaching. The interns arrived on November 16 and stayed in LSPU until November 29, 2019.

Their activities included, among others, paying the University President, and  other senior officials courtesy visits, sitting-in/observing senior high school ESL classes conducted by their supervising teachers, actual practice teaching, visiting LSPU campuses and Bridge Water School where they bonded with fellow Vietnamese students, going to malls, buying Filipino products, and attending mass in Pila, Laguna & enjoying its Christmas night ambience and “street food.” They were invited by the CTE Dean, Dr. Florhaida V. Pamatmat to the CTE Faculty meeting for the opportunity to meet the faculty members and publicly introduce themselves. They were also invited, and they enjoyed  having been part of the participants to the  three-day English Skills Training (EST) conducted by World Wide Link International for free.  

Under the tutelage of their supervising teachers: Miss Fatima Quiambao, Ms. Veronica Yazon, Mrs. Alona Malvar, Miss April Caunin and Mr. Jgence Parcon, these  pre-service teachers:  Doan Thi Hoai Thu, Nguyen Hoai Thuong, Nguyen Thi Ha My, Phan Thi Trang,Tran Thi Quynh, and Vi Thi Thuy gradually took on instructional responsibilities. They began by observing their experienced supervising teachers in the ESL classrooms, and in a short period, they were able to practice the strategies and concepts they learned in their education courses and from their supervising teachers.

The student interns were closely supervised and monitored, picked up at NAIA and sent off to the same airport by Dr. Nimfa G. Dimaculangan of the International Affairs Office (N. Dimaculangan).