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LSPU produces topnotcher in Sep 2023 LEPT

The Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) takes pride in Elishah Mae B. Ramos, a graduate of the program Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) from the College of Teacher Education (CTE) of the LSPU-Siniloan Campus (LSPU-SC), for securing eight rank in the September 2023 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (LEPT)-Elementary Level, Dec. 8.

Ms. Ramos attained a rating of 93.00% in the said exam, making her a part of the roster of topnotchers.

Meanwhile, the four campuses of the LSPU offering teacher education programs attained ratings above the national passing rate of 47.01% for the elementary level and 56.26% for the secondary level:

LSPU-Sta. Cruz Campus
- Elementary Level: 81.40%
- Secondary Level: 64.10%

LSPU-Siniloan Campus
- Elementary Level: 75.27%
- Secondary Level: 59.80%

LSPU-San Pablo City Campus 
- Elementary Level: 85.96%
- Secondary Level: 79.34%

LSPU-Los Baños Campus
- Elementary Level: 52.94%
- Secondary Level: 60.87%

The Laguna State Polytechnic University celebrates with our new set of professional teachers! 

Congratulations, ma'am and sir!