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The Commission on Higher Education Technical Committee (CHED TC) reviewed the Engineering program offerings of the Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) for the issuance of Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC), Sep 18-19.

Virginia C. Añonuevo of the CHED Regional Office headed the Technical Committee comprised of Noel B. Linsangan, Marianne L. Yumol, Enrico Claro R. Delmoro, and Clarizze Angelu Aquino.

The engineering programs reviewed for the Sta. Cruz Main Campus were Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Engineering, BS in Civil Engineering, and BS in Electronics Engineering; meanwhile, reviewed for the San Pablo City Campus were BS Computer Engineering, BS in Electronics Engineering, BS in Electronical Engineering, and Bachelor of Engineering Technology.

Some of the recommendations given prior the issuance of COPC for the engineering program offerings include: hiring at least 35% of the total faculty as per CMO 86; providing bigger classrooms and dedicated laboratory rooms for normal class size; hiring additional librarians; publishing research papers internationally; securing occupancy permit for buildings; and securing a fire safety and inspection certificate.***