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May 4, 2021   Siniloan Campus   Campus Wide

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CDA-IV backs Agri-Aqua Cooperative

The DOST-PCAARRD-LSPU Agriculture-Aquaculture and Natural Resources Technology Business Incubation (AATBI) spearheaded a two-part Multi-Media Learning (MML) Webinar Series on Cooperatives on January 7&14, 2021. The event aims to establish a proposed Agri-Aqua Cooperative (AAC) that would further assist and support the needs of the new AATBI technopreneurs in the region.

Hon. Salvador V. Valeroso, Regional Director of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) served as the main speaker. Dir. Salvador is also an LSPU alumnus and an AATBI Board of Advisor.

More than 150 participants attended the combined online sessions, composed of AATBI incubatees, technology developers and partner farms, LSPU faculty and officials, and interested individuals. The second session was a pre-registration seminar prerequisite of potential members of AAC and a requirement for coop’s registration to CDA.

AAC is a private entity which will be comprised of individuals who still believe in the “Bayanihan Spirit” in achieving desired developments through sharing and cooperation. It is envisioned to carry through AATBI’s advocacy to empower people through business incubation initiatives and represent stakeholders in different private and government institutions for potential funding, networking, and partnerships.

Dir. Valeroso oriented trainees on the basics, nature, practices, and principles of cooperatives, as well as their state in the region. He expressed his desire and full support to establish AAC as a strong cooperative in the fourth district, being a native of Siniloan.

Highlighting the second installment of the MML was a testimony of Ms. Lyn Rutaquio, General Manager, on the success of the Infanta Credit and Development Cooperative (ICDC). Afterwhich, Ms. Alexaida C. Arganosa, CDA’s Cooperative Development Specialist facilitated the Pre-Registration Seminar for AAC’s pre-registered members.

Launched in 2020 as a response to the restrictions brought by the pandemic, MML is a continuous series of online seminars for AATBI incubatees and other interested individuals which aim to equip participants with agriculture-, fishery-technology business incubation-related knowledge and skills. (ML Barile & EL Lopez)