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 PRESServe: Student Publication holds seminar-workshop on guarding truth vs historical distortion

Reposted; First Posted on: December 21, 2023


The Gears Publication (TGP), the official student publication of the Laguna State Polytechnic University-Sta. Cruz Campus (LSPU-SCC), held a two-day seminar-workshop with the theme of “PRESServe: Guarding the Truth Amidst Historical Distortion” at the Function Hall of the Students Services Building, Nov. 21-22.

The two-day workshop aimed to promote among the student journalists the importance not only of enhancing their technical toolkits but also of maintaining factual and ethical reporting.

Christian P. San Luis, Chairperson the Student Affairs and Services, commented that the theme of this year’s workshop resonate with the challenges of times when misinformation falls like a river; in turn, it becomes a shared responsibility to disseminate information with accuracy and integrity. 

He added that the activity was not just a gathering but also a call to action, a commitment to uphold the pillars of truth in the face of historical distortion. 

Dr. Zenaida O. Vitasa, former TGP coordinator and keynote speaker of the event, explained that being a part of the publication opens the student-journalists’ eyes to their surroundings, igniting their interest in keeping abreast in different matters that involve not just the university but also the community and nation such as in politics and social affairs. 

Dr. Vitasa shared that writing encompasses many things that a student journalist must perform: write a good news story, an eye-catching headline, a straightforward lead, and an organized body. She underscored the shared responsibility of writing a factual and decent story. 

In her message, Dr. Maida O. Sarmiento, Coordinator and Adviser of TGP, thanked everyone behind the success of the said activity. She also stated the importance of campus journalism in giving the students a platform to expand their horizons beyond their academics as well as to inform and educate the general public. 

Part of the two-day seminar-workshop were lectures and contests in different categories, namely, news writing, opinion writing, editorial writing, feature writing, literary writing, editorial cartooning, photojournalism, sports writing, copyreading and headline writing, developmental communication Writing, and layouting.