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AACCUP Conducts Continuous Accreditation of LSPU Programs

Having able to justify the possession of quality standards and unremitting efforts to maintain high level of services, the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) indicated the accomplishments of the accreditation requirements for the various programs of Laguna State Polytechnic University, Dec. 19-21.

Among the accredited programs were BSIE/BTTE with Level II (Phase 3) accreditation, BS Civil Engineering and BS in Tourism, both with Level II accreditation. Additionally, BS Nursing, BS Criminology, BS in Business Administration, and BS in Accountancy were given Level I accreditation.

Meanwhile, programs for the Graduate School which were subjected for assessment included MA in Education (Guidance Counseling), MS in Agriculture, Ph. D. in Agriculture and MAT (Math, THE, Science and Technology, Filipino, PE and Social Science) with Level II accreditation respectively.

More so, AACCUP conducted survey revisit for Area V (Level III) of BS Information Technology and BS HRM, while Area VI (Level II) for BS Electronics Engineering. Further, Level III of Areas III, V, VII and VIII were revisited for BS in Fisheries.

AACCUP’s survey visit suggested compliance with the national standards for continuous improvement, global competitiveness, SUC levelling, normative financing and for the development of a world class university.

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