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March 13, 2019   San Pablo City Campus   Campus Wide

Home/ News & Articles/ San Pablo City Campus ranks 6th in Criminologist Licensure Examination

Laguna State Polytechnic University - San Pablo City Campus ranked 6th in the Criminologist Licensure Examination administered in December 2018. Forty four students (42 of 43 fresh graduates who gave the University 97.67% rating and two among eight repeaters) passed the said examination giving LSPU 88.27% rating and making it the Top 6 performing institution offering the degree Bachelor of Science in Criminology.


San Pablo City Campus College of Criminal Justice Education has consecutively performed well in the Licensure Examination. It garnered 92.31% licensure passing rate in December 2017, and has been receiving Certificate of Excellence and Outstanding College award in relation to the number of passers and top notchers produced. (D.L. Wagan)