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December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   Campus Wide

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Six English Teachers in Vietnam arrive on June 3, 2015, for the completion of their academic requirements leading to the degree Master of Arts in Teaching, major in English. The six teachers are enrolled in LSPU-Santa Cruz Main Campus and they compose the second batch MAT program in relation to the academic partnership of LSPU with Thai Nguyen University of Vietnam.

They are undertaking 8 course works with LSPU and right after the completion of their academic requirements, they will be back again on October to this university for the comprehensive examination and thesis proposal. This program is one of the active and successful partnerships of LSPU with Thai Nguyen University of Vietnam.

The teachers involved are seasoned English Professors such as: Dr. Erlinda R. Fandiño, Dr. Zenaida O. Vitasa, Dr. Elaine G. Nachon, Dr. Olivia P. Magpily, Dr. F. Pamatmat, Asso. Prof. Nimfa G. Dimaculangan, Asso. Prof. L. Dominguez, Asso. Prof. J. Juanillas, and Asso. Prof. M P. Gallardo. Dr. Lucita G. Subillaga is the Dean of the College of Teacher Education.