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December 21, 2017   University Wide   Campus Wide

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Research and Development Services , and Extension and Training Services of LSPU hold Planning Meeting

Spearheaded by the Vice-President for Research, Extension, and Development, Dr. Corazon N. San Agustin, a Planning Meeting for RDE Forums and Conferences was held on September 15, 2017 at the AVEC Hall, San Pablo City Campus.

The meeting aimed to plan and develop forums and conferences (local and international) to be hosted by any of the units in Laguna State Polytechnic University. Dr. Mario R. Briones, Campus Director in San Pablo warmly welcomed all the participants from the four campuses of the university composed of Deans, Coordinators, Directors, and other Senior University Officials.

Dr. San Agustin mentioned in her message that the meeting will be an avenue to allow faculty researchers to make a big leap in research and further inform them about research agenda and carry out the harmonized agenda to ensure results and that acts are geared towards utilization in areas of maximum economy and social benefits for the people.

Three special lectures were presented during the seminar proper to guide, inspire, and give supplementary information to the attendees such as: Research Results on Rapid Appraisal Analysis for the Cities and Municipalities in the Province of Laguna by Mr. Adriel Roman; Echo on PNEE Forum in Zamboanga by Mr. Allegro Acero; and Updates on GAD by Dr. Ruby Brion.

The workshop/Cluster Planning was an opportunity to propose creative seminars, forums, and conferences that will be scheduled before the end of 2017 and within 2018. The proposals were presented by unit and cluster in which plans and schedules will be submitted to the Office of the President for review and approval.

Dr. San Agustin and Dr. Robert Agatep, Director for Research and Development provide beneficial information regarding the forms/types of utilizing research outputs of the faculty researchers.

This initiative is a noteworthy step to disseminate what LSPU has to offer thru seminars, conferences, and forums to the stakeholders in particular and  to contribute to the quality of life to the people in the surrounding community in general.