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December 21, 2017   University Wide   Campus Wide

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LSPU Trains Students to become Professionals

One of the objectives of the Laguna State Polytechnic University is to produce globally competitive students who are work ready and armored with competencies required by industries and institutions. With this in mind, the university is in its wide training of students, especially those who will be deployed for training locally and internationally. The Employability Skills Training, and English Skills Training are programs imported by the university from Worldwidelink Educational Development, Inc, whose main objective is to help teachers and students become globally skilled in combatting the challenges of the era.

This initiative is geared towards the development of students’ communicative competence and personality; thus, will help them gain high level of self-confidence during job interview and prepare them for internship here and abroad. Learning proper ethics while at work is also a portion of the training to help students adjust their conduct and behavior in various situations and occasions. This is helping the millennials to properly behave and become flexible despite difficult circumstances.

This training program is upon the approval of the University President, Dr. Nestor M. de Vera, and the supervision of the Vice-President for External Affairs, Dr. Ricardo F. Wagan III. Dr. Florhaida V. Pamatmat, Director for International and Local Affairs is overseeing the program with the assistance of the coordinators, Mrs. Leonor L. Dominguez, Mrs. Sandra P. Mesina and Mrs. Mar Bethzaida Decena.

Since August 2017 to date, there are about 2,500 students trained in the four major campuses of LSPU. These students are expected to be work-ready and sooner or later become upright members of the national workforce.