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December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   Campus Wide

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LSPU-SCC conducts 1st Livelihood and Skills Graduation at Pangil

The Dean of the College of Teacher Education Dr. Lucita G. Subillaga noted how the University was privileged to transfer technology and skills to the community through this extension program and promised to bring along other kinds of training like the Basic Conversational English for Tour Guides as well as the 2nd batch of Bread and Pastry, to name a few. Similarly, Mrs. Josefina T. Yaneza, Provincial Population Officer of Laguna, also manifested the support of her office to this project since it was through Laguna PPO that Pangil LGU became the beneficiary of the LSPU-SCC extension programs and activities through Memorandum of Agreement. She hoped to see a more developed municipality with viable natural and human resources.

The project involved training in Carpentry, Bread and Pastry, and Mushroom Production given to the residents, both young adults and old, for free. These aim to allow the youth to pass the NC II and eventually land a good job in the industry, while the adults consider their new learning as means of additional livelihood for the community.

Relative to the ongoing Extension Program of LSPU-SCC, College of Teacher Education in the Municipality of Pangil, Laguna, the 1st Livelihood and Skills Graduation Ceremony was conducted on March 28, 2015 Panguil River Eco Park. This activity coincides with the culmination of the 2015 National Women’s Month Celebration.

Eighteen (18) graduates in Baking and Pastry, who were trained to take and hopefully pass the NC II, were given certificates of completion for several days of training. Meanwhile, 12 trainees under Carpentry and 15 from Mushroom Production were also recognized during the program. They are about to complete their training in few more weeks.

Mrs. Glenda G. Reyes, Chairperson of Pangil Council for Women and wife of Mayor Jovito D. Reyes, thanked the proponents of this project and also those from the community sector who supported the program. She emphasized how these projects can lead to prospective livelihood projects and source of income for adults in the locality as well as means of industry employment for the youth.