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July 19, 2019   Siniloan Campus   Campus Wide

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LSPU Research Center opens doors  to scientific and techno-entrep initiatives

SINILOAN, LAGUNA—The Laguna State Polytechnic University Research Center has started endorsing its facilities for scientific and techno-entrepreneur endeavors, May 27.

Located at the LSPU-Siniloan (Host) Campus, the two-story Research Center is open not only to university faculty, students, and personnel but also to visitors who wish to make use of its facilities, provided that permission is accomplished.

During the ocular visitation of the newly installed University President Dr. Mario R. Briones, Vice President for Research Development and Extension, Dr. Corazon N. San Agustin, toured the president and the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Eden C. Callo, around the building, showing the offices, the hall, and the comprising rooms with allotted specific function.


Technology Business Incubation Hub

Part of the major function areas of the building is the DOST-PCAARRD-LSPU Technology Business Incubation (TBI) for Agri-Fishery and Natural Products. It serves as a center for nurturing business start-ups in techno-enterprise. It aims to create an ecosystem where innovation is promoted and supported towards commercialization.

As indicated by the Office of Research Development and Extension (ORD), it intends “to encourage, support, and nurture the development of agricultural-, aquatic-, and natural resources-based technologies into viable commercial agribusiness ventures for the creation of wealth, employment and economic development through technology incubation.”



and Statistical Building

The Research and Statistics Building houses three (3) sub-laboratory facilities: the Biotech, the Analytical and the Feeds/Food Laboratory.  To date, laboratory instruments are all installed in the three (3) laboratory rooms which are expected to be functional and operating in full blown in the early months of 2019 under the supervision of a Laboratory Manager, Engr. Isabelita T. Domingo.

Meanwhile, the office of the Research Chairperson of LSPU-Siniloan is also located within the premises, supporting activities for promoting research and development towards the university’s continuous pursuit of knowledge and innovation.   Also, the adjoining conference hall is being utilized for hosting research- and extension-related trainings and workshops.

VP San Agustin shared that there have been students from other universities such as from the University of the Philippines Los Baños who have sought permission to utilize the facility.

She also expressed her desire for more students and faculty to be able to use the facility and equipment that the research center provides for more scientific endeavors.

The establishment of the Research Center is a realization of two of the four core mandates of the university: research and extension. Apart from these, the other two are academics and production.