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July 9, 2024   Los Baños Campus   Campus Wide

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LSPU-LBC SMO, GSU, LB-OMA partner to manage stray animals

The Security Management Office (SMO) and General Services Unit (GSU) of the Laguna State Polytechnic University-Los Baños Campus (LSPU-LBC) coordinated with the Los Baños-Office of the Municipal Agriculturist (LB-OMA) to address the growing problem of stray dogs and cats on campus, July 9.

This initiative aims not only to mitigate the risk of rabies among students and employees but also to advocate for humane treatment of stray animals.

This move is in line with the initiated research proposal of the Office of the University President (OUP), through the Office of the Vice President for Research Development and Extension (OVPRDE), on the management of stray dogs in the region, the purpose of which is to draft a policy for community implementation. 

During the first week of July, the University Clinic reported four incidents of employees being bitten by stray cats. These employees were immediately taken to animal bite centers for vaccination.

To manage the growing population of strays, the university has been advised to capture the animals while observing proper handling and management. The LB-OMA provided essential equipment to LSPU-LBC such as two animal cages, one dog catcher pole, one animal catching net for dogs, and two animal catching nets for cats. Once captured, these animals will be turned-over to LB-OMA for proper care, ensuring their welfare is prioritized.

Meanwhile, LSPU-LBC also encourages faculty, staff, and students to consider adopting these stray animals into their homes, providing them with permanent, loving environments. This adoption initiative not only reduces the stray population but also promotes responsible pet ownership within the university community.

Additionally, the LB-OMA recommended the drafting of a campus ordinance on stray animal management to ensure the safety and well-being of not only the LSPU-LBC community but also the stray animals.

The coordination meeting was initiated by Ms. Eden Joy L. Eugenio, head of LSPU-LBC SMO and GSU, together with Mr. Andrei A. Fabella and Mr. Eddie Argoncillo of LB-OMA. 

Their collaboration signifies a strong commitment to maintaining a safe environment for everyone on campus. ###