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LSPU—GADRC, Center for Human Rights Ed in Laguna

Laguna State Polytechnic University Gender and Development Resource Center (LSPU GAD RC) is now the Center for Human Rights Education in Laguna. LSPU, represented by President Mario R. Briones, in his capacity as University President and the Commission on Human Rights represented by Hon. Roberto Eugenio T. Cadiz, in his capacity as the Focal   Commissioner for HR Education and Promotion of the Commission on  Human Rights, entered into a Memorandum of Agreement, July 19, 2019.

The partnership aims to build a culture of human rights in the University by establishing, strengthening, and sustaining the University’s Gender and Development Manual  which provides that the LSPU Gender Resource Center Human Rights Division (RA 9710, Magna Carta of Women) aims to protect women, children, youth particularly girls, PWD and members of LGBTQIA community; to undertake human rights education,  research, and extension activities involving its faculty, staff, and students as may be applicable within its campuses and with its partners and clienteles/stakeholders through instruction, research, and community extension activities.

LSPU GAD RC advances  equality, social justice, and respect for human dignity through transformative  human rights education programs in LSPU and the whole province of Laguna in order to contribute to the empowerment of individuals and groups that are subject to discrimination, exclusion, and other forms of human rights violations to challenge inequality and discrimination and take action to respect, protect and defend human rights.

It is working towards an academic community wherein Human rights education is a process of lifelong learning for all, that positive values, such as non-discrimination, respect for diversity, gender equality, inclusion, and solidarity are shared to contribute to a sense of  common humanity. LSPU shall be a  haven of individuals and groups who are empowered with knowledge and skills to take action, to claim, and defend their own human rights and the rights of others. Barriers to meaningful participation are removed; while, collaboration and equitable partnerships are encouraged so that women, children, and youth have opportunities to reach their full potentials, and that local leadership capacity emerges to influence decision-makers and hold              governments accountable for their actions or inaction in respect of human rights.

Anchored on the National Roadmap for Higher Education Reform which envisions the country’s higher educational institutions through their triad of functions: instruction, research, and extension, “Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) significantly contribute to the urgent tasks of alleviating poverty, hastening the pace of innovations, creating new knowledge and functional skills, and increasing the productivity of the workplace and the dynamism of communities.” The CHR encourages all Higher Educational  Institutions to establish their Centers