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December 6, 2017   University Wide   Campus Wide

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LSPU Convenes for the Annual Assessment and Review of Strategic Development Plan 2012-2017

University Officials, headed by Dr. Nestor M. de Vera convene officially for the assessment and review of Strategic Development Plan 2012-2017 at  Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, Tayabas Quezon, June 10-12, 2015. The four (4) VicePresidents – Dr. Mario C. Pasion (VP for Academic Affairs), Dr Ricardo F. Wagan III (VP for External Affairs), Engr. Rommel Octavius Nuestro (VP for Research and Development) and Mr. Nestor T. Mendoza assisted in the facilitation and coordination of the three-day activity.  

Meanwhile, during his speech, Dr. Nestor de Vera expressed profound gratitude to the University officials with his inspiring and motivating message which turned the atmosphere into a serious mode. He mentioned that LSPU has accomplished so much in the past years but he is looking forward to accomplishing more because we should keep on moving forward. He emphasized on teamwork and equality in one solid goal and direction. He said that the community should feel the presence of the university through reaching out to their needs.  

The Guest Speaker, Dir. Luis G. Banua, Regional Director of NEDA, highlighted the importance of setting targets on plans, and that our performance should be directed to the university mission at all times, in order to produce tangible results.

Mr. Nestor T. Mendoza gave the opening remarks and focused his message on accuracy and veracity in the accomplishment of our functions and duties. He likewise said that we should be loyal, honest, and not corrupt while in the management role of people and units.

The Planning and Development Office, headed by Engr. Beltran P. Pedregal, Director for Planning and Development initiated the activity, supported by the coordinators from the three campuses. The four (4) Campus Directors, Dr. Roberto C. Miranda, Dr. Ruperto Espinueva, Dr. Daniel Bunal, and Mr. Romulo Ballesteros also demonstrated full cooperation during the assessment and review.  

Dr. Mario C. Pasion, Vice-President for Academic Affairs briefly glimpsed on finding the gap between the LSPU performance before and its performance today. Hence, emphasized on having one mind, one spirit, one vision, and one hand together for the betterment of our beloved university.   

Deans and Directors from the four campuses contributed huge input to the seminar, hence contributed greatly to the gathering of required information. Meanwhile, all the accomplishments by unit were presented comprehensively by the Vice-Presidents.  

After the presentation of reports was the launching of LSPU’s tagline and Motto “Togetherness is Empowering to Achieve More” which sets everyone’s heart into aspiring to do more for the others and think less of oneself.