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LSPU Acad Board Committee goes over  program enhancements

The Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) Academic Board Committee deliberated the curricular program enhancements among different colleges at the LSPU Board Room-Los Baños Campus (LBC), Jan. 13.

The deans, associate deans, and program heads of the twelve colleges presented the enhanced curricula of their programs, namely: agriculture, arts and sciences, business management and accountancy, computer studies, criminal justice education, engineering, fisheries, food nutrition and dietetics, hospitality management and tourism, industrial technology, nursing and allied health, and teacher education.

One of the components of curriculum enhancement pertains to the additional subjects from the prescribed CMO for the program and their corresponding units that the dean, in consultation with concerned stakeholders, deemed necessary for the students.

Acting as the presiding officer, Dr. Amelia Biglete, CHED Regional Director, commented that the core of the two institutionally mandated courses (LSPU 001: Personality Development and Social Responsibility and LSPU 002: Intensive English Language Proficiency) appeared to be inculcated in the different subjects already part of the curriculum, which made them permissible for exclusion. Only in the teacher education program did the body consider the inclusion of LSPU 001.

During the presentation,  Dr. Biglete and Engr. Luis G. Banua, NEDA Regional Director, highlighted the importance of adding subjects that are essential to the program with consideration to the number of units that the students are to undertake.

Dr. Biglete noted that the University shall keep in mind that a student must have not exceed a load of 24 units for every semester.

For proposals of adding one unit for laboratory, Dr. Biglete also pointed out the importance of keeping with the number of units for a program to do away with concerns when compared to other state universities offering the same program. Difference in the number of units might result in problems in cases when a student will transfer to another university or college.

Encouraging the avoidance of adding subjects and units, Dr. Biglete highlighted the importance of integrating some topics among the existing subjects.

The body concurred the inclusion of intensive subject or a comprehensive review subject for all board programs.

The academic board committee meeting was originally comprised of academic, research, and extension concerns. However, due to the time allotment needed for the presentation of curricular programs only, the remaining agenda in the folder are set for presentation on the next board meeting on Feb 5.

Slated for next academic board meeting were the presentation of the Student Affairs Services Manual of Operations, Student Internship Program Manual, and Memorandum of Agreement among others.

Also part of the academic board were Dr. Eden C. Callo, Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA); Dr. Elena Manaig, out-going Federated Faculty Association President (FFAP); Dr. Chester Buama, in-coming FFAP; Michael Angelo Paone Javier, Supreme Student Council President (SSCP); and Dr. Michelle B. Sarmiento, Academic Board Secretary.***