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Agro-Studies hold its 13th  Year Graduation Ceremony in Israel

“If you think of one year, sow rice, If you think of ten ears, grow orchards, If you think of a hundred years, conduct training”

September 3, 2017 – In its 13th Year of promoting Agricultural Program for Food Security and Technology, Six LSPU student-trainees completed the 12-month Training Program sponsored by Agro-Studies- Israel held at Jerusalem’s International Convention Center, Israel. Agrostudies is an organization that provides a unique apprenticeship in agriculture, combining advanced studies and hands on ‘learning by doing ‘ in various fields. It collaborate with dozens of carefully selected farms across Israel, to ensure that each student is nurtured in the most enabling and stimulating learning environment, allowing them to benefit from real exposure to the most advanced agricultural working methods.

Dr. Nestor M. de Vera and his wife Mrs. Rita Castillo de Vera witnessed the graduation together with other SUCs Presidents. The event was participated by around 1,200 student apprentice from Asia and Africa. According to Israel Hayom  daily news, AgroStudies CEO Yaron Tamir, the 13 years of the Agricultural Program aims to transfer the theoretical knowledge learned by the students in the classroom into modern applied agriculture; hence, the graduates can go on to become successful farmers in countries where local residents depend on agriculture for existence.

On the other hand, Gil Haskel, Israel’s Agency International Development Ambassador, considered this cooperation undertaking as significant in strengthening ties between Asian and African countries and Israel. The program also strengthen partnership between agricultural universities and higher education institutions among the said countries.

Six students from LSPU completed the training as follows: John Carlo L. Beato (outstanding trainee), Ervin Jade R. Dias, John Paul M. Gavino, Christian S. Coroza, Joseph Borgonia, and Joshua L. Velasco.