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December 11, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   Campus Wide


December 2, 2016 – Through the initiative of the University President Dr. Nestor M. de Vera, a Medical Mission was conceived and organized by Laguna State Polytechnic University, Worldwidelink Educational Development, Foscon Wordwidelink Foundation, and the Municipality of Santa Cruz, Laguna. The theme of the Medical Mission is “Age is Glory: Health is Wealth through the Years!”.

One-month preparation transpired focused on the invitation of physicians, dentists, optometrists, and of course the senior citizens along the five (5) barangays in Santa Cruz, Laguna. There were also invitations sent to the towns of Pila, Pagsanjan and Victoria Laguna.

A committee from LSPU was organized to handle the complete preparation headed by the Campus Director of Santa Cruz Campus, Dr. Roberto C. Miranda and Vice-Chairperson Dr. Florhaida V. Pamatmat. The invitation of elderly was facilitated by Hon. Roselon “Batchie” Pamatmat, Councilor of the Municipality of Santa Cruz, under the direction of Hon. Mayor Domingo G. Panganiban.

Dr. Clarita Joy Villapando handled the solicitation of Vitamins/medicines, and snacks for the doctors, elderly. On the other hand, Mr. Chong Pal Kim, Chairman of Foscon Worldwidelink Foundation initiated the preparation of tokens for the physicians, dentists, and optometrists, including the t-shirts distributed to all the committee members, and the meals prepared for the committee members and university officials.

During the date, December 2 there were eleven (11) physicians, dentists, and optometrists who volunteered for the noble Medical Mission as follows: Dr. Elmina DL Monteza, Dr. Esmeraldo Nino delas Armas Jr., Dr. John Bunyan A. Calamigan, Dr. Reymond Nonatos G. Coria, Dr. Roselyn V. Pamatmat, Dr.Roni S. Barashari; Dr. Ethel Kristine C. Villanueva; Dr. jethroe A. Matusalem; Dr. Arnold L. Aguila, and Dr. Marco Ceazar R. Lejano. Moreover, Two hundred ninety four (294) elderly from Barangays Bagumbayan, Callios, Bubukal, Labuin and Gatid Santa Cru Laguna were in attendance for the Medical Mission. There were also elderly who came from Pila and Victoria Laguna.

All the elderly were provided with medicines and vitamins (including snacks) next to doctor’s assessment. They were observed to be so satisfied even if they wait a little while for their turns because of the good ambiance in the venue and the fair weather.

The College of Criminal Justice Education sent criminology students to handle the security and smooth flow of the activity in the venue while the students from the College of Nursing were in-charge of the patients’ preassessment (blood pressure).

Teacher- Volunteers from the different colleges, and personnel from LSPU-SCC extended their warm assistance to the doctors and patients. Some were in-charge of the registration and distribution of medicines and snacks.

The Medical Mission was a sound success. LSPU is indebted to the following benefactors: Mr. Danny S. Odejar, Mr. & Mrs. Yancee & Joeren de Ocampo, Mayor Dennis Panganiban, and Councilor Batchie Pamatmat.