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September 7, 2018   Santa Cruz Campus   Campus Wide

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AACCUP Survey Visit Level 4 Phase 1 Concludes

The weeklong Accreditation Level 4, Phase 1 Visit conducted by Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities (AACCUP) for the curricular programs; Bachelor of Secondary Education, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education, and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology concluded on September 7, 2018. The Exit Conferences were held at the Accreditation Offices of the campuses concerned i.e., San Pablo, Sta. Cruz, and Siniloan); whereas, the Closing Program was held at the College of Hotel Management and Tourism Function Hall of Sta. Cruz, Main Campus in the morning of the said Friday.

Both Dr. Eden Callo, the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Engr. Joseph M. Cabiente, Sta. Cruz Campus Director expressed their gratitude to the AACCUP Accrediting Team for the time spent in the thorough analysis of documents and for the expertise and effort to help LSPU soar to a greater height. They articulated their hope for positive results of the accreditation process, however believe that LSPU has done its best and will continue producing cream of the crop.

Dr. Leoncio M. Matibag, the Overall Coordinator of the Accrediting Team explained briefly the hows of attaining Accredited Level 4 Status and verbalized his group’s commendation to: 1) the LSPU administration’s logistic, financial, technical, and moral support; 2) local task force’s assistance; and 3) the entire academic community’s participation. He said that the group is not authorized to divulge the result of their evaluation; nonetheless, he heartened everyone to keep their fingers cross and hope for positive evaluation. He ended his message with grateful note to LSPU family especially to Dr. Nestor M. De Vera, the University President, Dr. Eden C. Callo, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mr. Efren R. Dela Paz, the Vice President for Administration, Dr. Corazon San Agustin, the Vice President for Research and Development, Dr. Zenaida O. Vitasa, the Director for Curriculum Instruction Development & Quality Assurance, Dr. Florhaida V. Pamatmat, the College of Teacher Education Dean, Dr. Freddie S. Pinuela, the College of Industrial and Technology Dean, and to other officials.

Dr. Fe Soriano, the Team Leader for the BSEd group of accreditors left a common yet meaningful discourse to SCC. If you want to walk fast, walks alone, but if you want to walk far, walks together”.

The closing program was attended by the LSPU senior officials and faculty members particularly the local counterparts of the AACCUP accreditors.   (NGD)