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12 TNU-Students in Special MAT English Program Present Relevant Research Proposals

The Master of Arts in Teaching, major in English is a special program of Laguna State Polytechnic University implemented as academic partnership between LSPU and TNU (International Training Development Center) which commenced on June 2014.

Twelve (12) Vietnamese teachers registered in the program and took up subjects in the Philippines for two months at Laguna State Polytechnic University and were able to acquire satisfactory rating from the subjects taken. The optimistic behavior, enthusiasm, and hard work of these Vietnamese teachers allowed them to surpass some difficulties that are related to language barrier, culture, and educational system.

Painstaking classroom interactions were conducted for more than a couple of months at Siniloan Host Campus, plus assignments, term papers, and presentations which were surpassed positively by the Vietnamese teachers who came from North to South of Vietnam.

The Master of Arts in Teaching Program classes were handled by highly competent post graduate professors of LSPU as follows: DR. OLIVIA P. MAGPILY, former Vice-President for Academic Affairs, DR. ERLINDA R. FANDINO, DR. ELAINE G. NACHON, DR. ZENAIDA O. VITASA, DR. MERILYN P. JUACALLA, A/PROF. NIMFA G. DIMACULANGAN, A/PROF. GRACE GALLARDO, A/PROF. MAURO LUCIDO, A/PROF. FELY RAMOS, and DR. FLORHAIDA V. PAMATMAT, Director for Local & International Affairs of LSPU.

On November 5-6, the 12 MAT students satisfactorily presented their relevant research proposals at the International Training & Development Center-Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam. The panel of examiners was chaired by DR. LUCITA G. SUBILLAGA, Dean of the College of Teacher Education, in place of the University President, Dr. Nestor M. de Vera with Dr. Olivia P. Magpily, Dr. Nguyen The Hung (Director, ITDC-TNU), Dr. Florhaida V. Pamatmat as members. Out of diligence and competence, the twelve teachers were able to acceptably comply with the requirements of the panel members.

The 12 Vietnamese teachers will conduct their final defense at LSPU on June 2015. After which, they will be recommended for graduation. fvp