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In June 1957, the Los Baños School of Fisheries (LBSF) was conceived through the efforts of the Hon. Cong. Jacobo C. Gonzales of the first district of Laguna, who sponsored the bill then passed in a law, Republic Act No. 1879 to establish vocational courses in fisheries in the province of Laguna.


In 1983, the LBSF was converted to Los Baños College of Fisheries (LBCF) through Batas Pambansa Blg. 419 authorizing the offering of degree courses in Fisheries: Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Bachelor of Science in Fisheries Education.  In 1996, the college offered computer courses (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Diploma in Computer Literacy) along with degree program in Bachelor in Secondary Education and Bachelor of Science in Hotel Restaurant and Management.


In September 1999, the LBCF as CHED Supervised Institution was integrated to the Laguna State Polytechnic College the host state college (SUC).  In accordance with the pertinent provisions of RA 7722 known as Higher Education Act of 1994 and RA 8292 known as Higher Education Modernization Act of 1997.

LSPC is under the strong leadership of Dr. Ricardo A. Wagan, as President.  His term of office as President has been rewarding and productive for the state college and other integrated colleges including the former LBCF now the LSPU - Los Baños Campus.


The campus had availed of the benefit and support of the LSPU System, in line with the five fold functions of the state college namely:  Instruction, Research, Extension, Production and Resource Management, henceforth, the instructional programs were expanded to meet the needs for skilled professionals in Fisheries, Education, Arts, Management and Information Technology. The research and extension programs were intensified. With these developments and growing student population, more buildings and facilities were constructed.


Various international linkages on academic cooperation programs were established, to wit: Changwon Monson University, Changwon College, Republic of South Korea; Thai  Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry, Republic of Vietnam. The Laguna State Polytechnic University is presently undergoing stages of development, under the new incumbency of Dr. Nestor M. De Vera, that gears towards its goal of achieving Center for Sustainable Development, at the helm that is ably supported by the LSPU faculty members, staffs, students, and the community of the Laguna and nearby provinces in the Region.


A total of 134 faculty and employees serve as the workforce of LSPU - Los Baños Campus and have been recognized as valuable assets in determining the overall quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the services they have rendered for the accomplishment of the institutional mandate.  Situated in an estimated 7.2 hectares, the LSPU - Los Baños Campus has curricular offering of 19 academic programs under Science and Technology thrust, accredited with candidate to Level III status; having a total enrolment of 3,560 for the current Academic Year 2017-2018, produce skillful and productive 764 number of graduates for the current academic year.


As such, LSPU Los Baños Campus continues to soar high as it requires and embraces excellence in the field of academe.


Source:  Los Baños Campus