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April 28, 2023   San Pablo City Campus   Campus Wide

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Manto Ranks 4th in April 2023 ECT Licensure Examination

Jane Mikee Besilos Manto, a 23-year-old graduate of the Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City Campus under the Electronics Engineering program, achieved the 4th top spot in the 2023 Electronics Technician (ECT) Licensure Examination, April 21.

Manto is among the 4th highest ranking takers among this year's 1,641 ECT board passers with a rating of 87%.

In connection to this, in an interview, she expressed that the result is unexpected and she only hoped to pass.

"I did not expect that result at all... After taking the examinations, all I hoped for was to pass because they were really not that easy," Manto stated.

Moreover, she revealed that she holds no extraordinary secret to her milestone other than her attitude of faith in God and main inspiration from her family, especially her younger sister, that she wants to give a good future.

She also stressed the importance of studying with occasional breaks and self-rewards.

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Furthermore, she expressed her gratitude to the people she encountered during her preparation like her dormmates and classmates at the review center that also became an important factor.

On the other hand, this year's passing rate of LSPU - SPCC in the ECT Licensure Examination is 84%.

Written by: Desiree Corpuz