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October 12, 2022   University Wide   Campus Wide

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LSPU Celebrates first in-person Culture and the Arts Festival 2022

Participated with delegates from the four campuses, Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) successfully unlocked the first Face-to-Face University Wide Culture and the Arts Festival since the pandemic, held at San Pablo City Campus Gymnasium, October 11.

Dr. Mario R. Briones, University President, delivered his inspirational message, reminding the students that aside from the competition, they are also celebrating the coming of togetherness as one LSPU family.

“We would never fail to secure places, we have constantly gained Laguna’s pride and show the nation that we are one of the best,” Dr. Briones said.

“Look into the future ... that one day our passion for arts translates into something more useful in helping transform this nation and its people of what we envision to be," he added.

Moreover, Mr. Joel M. Bawica, the Campus Director of LSPU -SPCC, this year's host campus, advocates culture and the arts in his welcoming remarks.

"The complexity in the aspect of culture is the same with the arts and understandably the most essential aspect of a celebration is the understanding of its being... enjoy this celebration more so, strive to be an advocate," said Mr. Bawica.

Together with Dr. Mario Briones, University President; Dr. Eden C. Callo, Vice President for Academic Affairs, OSAS Director, Mr. Jayson N. Olayta, and other campus directors from different campuses, were also present in the opening ceremony.

Meanwhile, Dr. Callo officially declared the start of the two-day intercampus event.

Different activities were conducted in the first day including Singing Contest, Visual Arts Contest , Photography , and the Search for Mr and Ms LSPU Festival King and Queen 2022.

With the guidance of the Socio-Cultural Affairs coordinators and coaches of the four campuses, the activities were done accordingly.

//Vhic Luzano

Photo by: Kobie Oracion and Cassandra Yvonne Jara