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June 11, 2024   San Pablo City Campus   Campus Wide

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CTE welcomes YMCA-Singapore delegates for immersion activity

As part of its international linkage activities, the College of Teacher Education (CTE) of the Laguna State Polytechnic University-San Pablo City Campus (LSPU-SPCC) hosted the arrival of the delegates of the Young Men’s Christian Association-Singapore (YMCA-Singapore) at the CTE Function Hall, June 11. 

Through the YMCA-San Pablo City (YMCA-SPCC), the 25 Singaporean students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, conducted their one-day University Immersion on campus as part of their International Service Camp.

The CTE faculty and students prepared a program to formally welcome the visitors, a part of which was a group activity wherein the international visitors were grouped to create and present a Filipino-themed yell with the assistance of selected teacher education students. 

In her welcome remarks, Dr. Eden C. Callo, Vice President for Academic Affairs, encouraged the participants to visit not only the campus but also the famous seven lakes of San Pablo City. She also provided a brief background about the LSPU and the Philippines.

Dr. Edilberto Z. Andal, CTE Dean, introduced the officials, faculty, and students of LSPU present at the event. Meanwhile, a student representative from NTU presented the delegates of their group and extended appreciation for the warm welcome given to them. 

After the program, the visitors went around the campus for first-hand exposure and observation of university life in the Philippines. 

Cristeta D. Sumague, CEO of YMCA-San Pablo, attended the event and accompanied the international visitors.