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May 14, 2024   San Pablo City Campus   Campus Wide

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CCS Fest 2024: 'PACMAN' powers up week-long college celebration

Here’s a college powering up for a fun-filled learning experience.

Under the theme “Promoting Advancements in Computing: Mastery and Novelty (PACMAN),” the College of Computer Studies (CCS) of the Laguna State Polytechnic University-San Pablo City Campus (LSPU-SPCC) stepped into a realm of fun learning experience in the celebration of its CCS Festival 2024, May 6-10.

This year’s theme encapsulated the objectives of the academic festival of providing a space to explore emerging trends in computing and technology, showcase mastery and skills in the field, and foster holistic development among students and faculty.

In collaboration with the Computer Club and Semi Colon Club, this week-long celebration offered a wide range of activities, covering project exhibits, computing skills competitions, webinars, team-building activities, film showing, sports activities, battle of the bands, and college night. 

For the preparation and conduct of the event, A/Prof. Ronnel Dela Cruz, Associate Dean of CCS, collaborated with Jasmin A. Jusi, President of Computer Club, with its organization advisers, Joesua R. Manzanero and Al John A. Villareal.

During its opening day, CCS officially unveiled the “CCS Hangout Spot,” a space for studying equipped with chairs, tables, and internet connection. Students of the college can visit this learning hub on the ground floor of the CCS Building. 

Apart from their capstone projects on web and mobile systems development, students were able to demonstrate their computing and information technology prowess through various skills competitions such as personal computer (PC) assembling and disassembling, Java programming, C# programming, web design sprint: on-the-spot creation challenge, digital art competition, e-sports, and mobile photography, among others. 

This year, CCS marked its first time conducting three consecutive showcase events: Student’s Night (Film Festival), Adviser’s Night (Song Festival), and Dean’s Night (Music Festival). 

The student-made films screened during the Film Festival included “Maroon 5” (Blacklist), “Ang Pangarap kong Hacker” (Byte Sized Olives), “Eerie” (Tech Vanguard), “Wag kang Lilingon” (Cobra Commander), “Four Sisters and a Wedding” (Uranos), and “He’s Dating the Gangster” (Crimson Wolves). 

A music festival held at the University Ground wrapped up this week-long festival with guest performers Coronation, Hilaw, Ladies Choice, Casa Musica, LiveLikeMorty, Southern Chill, Euphonics, and Agsunta. 

The organizing committee also shared the future plans following the academic festival. 

They shared: “Moving forward, the college plans to continue organizing events like CCS Fest 2024 to keep students updated on the latest trends in computing. There may be more collaborations with industry experts and companies to provide students with hands-on experiences and opportunities for internships.”

Photo credit: Computer Club LSPU-SPCC