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December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   College of Teacher Education

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Ten English Majors Qualify for Off-Campus International Student Teaching

The first batch of BSED student teachers bound to Vietnam is composed of ten highly qualified and competent practice teachers from the three campuses of LSPU – Santa Cruz, Los Baños and San Pablo City Campuses.

The ten students underwent evaluation and interview prior to the selection. These students were also evaluated academically and were found to be on the top 20% of the class. They were likewise found to be communicatively competent and can express their thoughts and opinions without destructions in social conversations.

With regard to attitude, they were pre-selected because of their outstanding character and highly acceptable personality. They all possess amiable countenance that attract people around them; hence, they were nominated by their classmates and teachers to be members of the First Batch of Practice Teachers for the Academic Year 2015-2016.

The following are invited by Thai Nguyen University for Off-Campus International Student Teaching in Vietnam: J. Alvarez, M. Ambrocio, J. Blaza, K. Matalog, A. Medina, M. Mercado, R. Anzano, G. Silang, R. Valderama, J. Parcon.