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December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   Campus Wide

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Gender and Development Unit Pushes “KALUSUGAN PANGKALAHATAN SA LSPU”

Kalusugan Pangkalahatan sa LSPU has been a blockbuster project of the Gender and Development (GAD) Unit in Laguna State Polytechnic University-Santa Cruz Main Campus slated August 26 and September 13, 2014. It aimed to promote good health among the faculty and personnel through effective health screening and extension of other related medical services. The project was in partnership with Generika Distributor, Calamba Chapter that provided medical services of doctors and assistance of registered nurses and x-ray technologists.

The University President, Dr. Nestor M. de Vera was in full support of the project believing that good health among faculty and personnel will result to work effectiveness. The project commenced with a short opening program and a symposium with Dr. Hector Calo as Resource Person. Prof. Josephine A. Villamin, Chairperson, GAD LSPU-SCC chaired the conduct of the successful activity, who herself is always after the good health condition of the university officials, faculty and personnel. The project also raised everybody’s awareness on disease prevention, good lifestyle and total health care.