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The Seal of the State University shall be the design that was approved by then Board of Trustees pursuant to Board Resolution No. 153, s. 2000 dated July 21, 2000, however, the word “college” was changed to “university” and “1999” was changed to “2007” in view of its conversion into a university. Thus, the following State University Seal:



  1. The first dark blue lines encircling the whole seal symbolizes oneness among the four (4) LSPU Campuses having different fields of training and skills (LSPU-Sta. Cruz Campus, LSPU-Siniloan Campus, LSPU-Los Baños Campus, and LSPU San Pablo City Campus) now united and put together under one single name “LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY”
  2. The words “Laguna State Polytechnic University” are written in white bold letters which symbolizes purity, dignity, and honor and the same are written in dark blue background symbolizing peace, unity, harmony, and understanding among the four (4) campuses that compose the Laguna State Polytechnic University;
  3. The year 1952 was the year when the Laguna State Polytechnic University was originally founded;
  4. The year 2007 was the year when LSPC became a State University
  5. The three straight blue lines signify the united forces of the three fields of education originating from one goal, to reach the height of success through the guidance of our God Almighty;
  6. The green color and rice stalk with leaves symbolizes Agriculture being the banner program of the LSPU-Siniloan Campus;
  7. Aqua blue color with fish symbolizes Fisheries being the banner program of the LSPU-Los Baños Campus;
  8. Maroon color and gear symbolize the skills training in Engineering and Industrial Technology being the banner programs of both the LSPU-Sta. Cruz Campus and LSPU-San Pablo City Campus;
  9. The open book symbolizes knowledge and power. The torch with flame symbolizes enlightenment, wisdom, and blessings of the four institutions that arises from the integration;
  10. The dark blue color was used as background for the letters and lines and background for the open book and torch because blue is heavenly. Blue emphasizes peace and enlightenment.

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