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Three days after the last day of April 18-20 Electrical En-gineering licensure examination, the Philippine Regulatory Com-mission (PRC) released the re-sults. Santa Cruz Campus gar-nered 20% while San Pablo Cam-pus got 16.67% passing rate for the Registered Electrical Engi-neering (REE) exam.

For the Registered Mas-ter Electrician (RME) examina-tion, San Pablo Campus got91.67% passing rate while Santa Cruz Campus recorded 72.92%.

There were three takers from Santa Cruz Campus while single taker from San Pablo Campus landed on the roster of topnotchers for RME namely; Kane Errol Tan placing on 3rd spot garnered 92.50% average, Pauline Mae Calugay with 90% average and Roldan Gutierrez with 89.50% placing on the 8th and 9th place, respectively. Likewise, Marc Lester Carlos, from San Pablo Campus, ranked 10th with an average rating of 89%.

The REE examination rec-orded 994 passers out of 2,213 takers with a national rating of 44.92% while the RME got 1,817 passers out of 3,130 takers which recorded a national passing rate of 58.05%.

By: Zenaida O. Vitasa

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