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LSPU Constructs New and Rehabilitated Facilities

Laguna State Polytechnic University continues its commitment to provide quality service through upgraded facilities as manifested by new and rehabilitated buildings and facilities in San Pablo City and Siniloan Campuses.

Among the new constructions in San Pablo City Campus are the three-storey Engineering and Architecture building and the twostorey College of Computer Studies building to house the increasing number of students. The students may also experience more convenience after the construction of stairs at Arago Building. In addition to this, the College of Teacher Education building is still undergoing rehabilitation for Phase 5 for instruction and other purposes. Further improvements include the conversion of old Administration Building to University hostel, Phase III and the construction of Alumni Building, Phase II.

Sinilioan Campus may deliver better services to the students due to the construction of the new Business and Affairs Office. Also, anticipated problems in drainage are given solution through the construction of a closed canal with a gutter. 

The construction, repair, rehabilitation, and acquisition of these facilities are only some among the many in- line activities for the university’s continual development in order to be at par with global standards.

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