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Laguna State Polytechnic University: Official Regional Center for TESOL Live

October 10, 2017 – Laguna State Polytechnic University through its President, Dr. Nestor M. de Vera, forged tripartite partnership with American TESOL Institute, and Worldwidelink Educational Development Inc. on TESOL Live Program. The distinct event was conducted at the LSPU-SCC Board Room attended by all the Senior Officials of the university, ATI CEO Mr. Eugene C. Go, and party, and WED President Dr. Joy Villapando together with Chairman Chong Pal Kim of FOSCON, Philippines. The main objective of this tripartite agreement is to elevate the teaching capacity and skills of language teachers and other professionals who would like to be TESOL certified and to teach competently in a global context.

Dr. N. de Vera pointed out that he would like to further enhance the teaching capability of teachers through enhanced strategies that are appropriate to the millennials, generation Y, and Z. TESOL certification may also qualify teachers for global teaching in time with ASEAN integration, and the advent of on-line teaching. This breakthrough will also deliver fresh concepts, further knowledge, and will boost teachers’ self-confidence not only as language teachers but as global professionals.

The MoA signing was highlighted with the messages of three ICONs, Pres. Nestor M. de Vera, CEO Eugene C. Go, and Chairman Chong Pal Kim, and of course the emotional speech of Dr. Joy Villapando, WED President, that truly moved all present.

To push through with the program, LSPU will allocate one classroom with effective training devices that can accommodate at least 30 trainees per session. American TESOL Institute, on the other hand, will design the 120-hour TESOL course program and will prepare the instructional curriculum and materials that will ensure delivery of quality instruction and the monitoring of the participants’ progress while WED will be responsible for the monitoring, promotion, and marketing of the program.

The TESOL certificate will be awarded to the trainees within 30 days after the completion of the required training hours and after passing the achievement examination. This academic breakthrough was made possible in LSPU with the full support of its university President, Dr. Nestor M. de Vera, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mario C. Pasion; Vice-President for External Affairs, Dr. Ricardo F. Wagan III, Dr. Corazon San Agustin, Vice-President for Research, Extension, and Development; Mr. Nestor T. Mendoza, Vice-President for Administration; the four Campus Directors – Dr. Roberto C. Miranda, Dr. Mario R. Briones, Dr. Daniel Bunal, and Director Romulo Ballesteros.

Dr. Florhaida V. Pamatmat, Director for International and Local Affairs with her coordinators, Mrs. Leonor Dominguez, Mrs. Sandra Mesina, and Mrs. Bethzaida Decena, will directly coordinate and monitor the program within the university.

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