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The College of Nursing and Allied Health conducted a symposium in partnership with the Gender and Development Services (Santa Cruz Campus) on February 27, 2016. The objective of which was to provide students’ awareness that in Nursing course, both men and women could become equally competent in the field. Further it was pointed out that the issue disparity in the nursing profession in the past has once led to nursing shortage worldwide which should not happen again.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Roberto C. Miranda, Campus Director concluded on this line “Let your actions speak about you, but always be on guard… and always strive for hard work and excellence.”

Invited Speakers were Mr. Alfie C. Panisan, Mr. Kimberson M. Albay, Mr. Mario S. Mandilag Jr, Mr. Ronnie W. del Rio and Mr. Vee-jay R. Palcunan, together with Mr. Rosauro C. Briones from One Quest Academic Service.

Topics discussed included and advantages and disadvantages of working as a nurse in the community, how to become a competent nurse, difference between equality and equity, and the importance of caring in the profession of nursing.

One of the speakers emphasized that nursing is a humble and selfless profession, and he reiterated that whether a person is male or female, nurse is a nurse. Another speaker quoted that to learn but not to do is not to learn. He also asked the audience a very significant question “Without a nurse who would then care for our loved ones?” which is true.

In conclusion, the last speaker noted that Nursing is a versatile and rewarding profession. He said that you can gain rewards from this selfless profession ranging from social, spiritual and financial aspects of life.

Dr. May M. Veridiano, Dean, College of Nursing and Mrs. Josephine A. Villamin, GAD chairperson of Santa Cruz Campus headed and coordinated the successful conduct of the symposium. (javillamin)

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