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Laguna State Polytechnic University observed triumphantly its 9th Commencement Exercises as a University with this year’s theme “Competent LSPU Graduates: Matching Industry Needs and Serving Vital Link to Global Community”.

December 6, 2017   University Wide   Campus Wide

On April 6, 2015 Los Banos Campus held its graduation ceremony with Hon. Joaquin “Jun” Chipeco, Congressman of the 2nd District of Laguna as the Commencement Speaker. In his message he emphasized the need to address our society’s cascading link to the global community particularly in impending ASEAN integration. Hence, that is a challenge for LSPU to produce globally competitive graduates through curricular innovations and taking the lead in fashioning the 21st century. On April 9, 2015, Hon. Comm...

LSPU Reviews OBE - Course Designing of its Faculty

December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   Campus Wide

Santa Cruz (Main ) Campus- The Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs under Dr. Mario C. Pasion, through the Curriculum, Instruction Development & Quality Assurance (CIDQA) scheduled three-day seminar for the Outcomes-Based Education course design write shop, presentation and critiquing on April 15-16-17, 2015 at Makiling Pavilion, Splash Mountain Resort Hotel, Brgy. Lalakay, Los Banos, Laguna. Write Shop is held on day one, presentation is on day two and the critiquing of outputs is on day 3. Resour...

LSPU-SCC conducts 1st Livelihood and Skills Graduation at Pangil

December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   Campus Wide

The Dean of the College of Teacher Education Dr. Lucita G. Subillaga noted how the University was privileged to transfer technology and skills to the community through this extension program and promised to bring along other kinds of training like the Basic Conversational English for Tour Guides as well as the 2nd batch of Bread and Pastry, to name a few. Similarly, Mrs. Josefina T. Yaneza, Provincial Population Officer of Laguna, also manifested the support of her office to this project since it was through Laguna PP...

Mentoring Future Teachers and Tutors

December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   College of Teacher Education

Mathematics proficiency is becoming an important issue in contemporary education in the light of declining quality of instruction in the elementary and secondary education levels in the Philippines. Many students hate mathematics subject. On the other hand, there are also teachers who are handling mathematics subjects but who are not majors in the subject matter. These twin problems result to poor performance of our students. Rather than becoming silent, Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) under the leadersh...

Ten English Majors Qualify for Off-Campus International Student Teaching

December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   College of Teacher Education

The first batch of BSED student teachers bound to Vietnam is composed of ten highly qualified and competent practice teachers from the three campuses of LSPU – Santa Cruz, Los Baños and San Pablo City Campuses. The ten students underwent evaluation and interview prior to the selection. These students were also evaluated academically and were found to be on the top 20% of the class. They were likewise found to be communicatively competent and can express their thoughts and opinions without destructions ...

Korina Sanchez-Roxas talks about 5 Secrets to Success at LSPU

December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   Campus Wide

MARCH 16, 2015 – Seasoned broadcast journalist and talk show host Mrs. Korina Sanchez-Roxas, best known for her stint in TV Patrol and Rated K of ABS-CBN, visited LSPU-Santa Cruz Campus for an afternoon of inspirational talk about her “5 Secrets to Success.” The crowd from the University Multi-Purpose Gymnasium and Hall listened closely as the Kapamilya host enumerated her personal list, starting off with having a dream to pursue and to live on. Then, she also emphasized loving and serving on...

Six Vietnamese students Complete their Coursework in Master of Arts in Teaching (major in English) at LSPU-Santa Cruz Main Campus

December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   Campus Wide

Six Vietnamese students completed the academic requirements for the Degree, Master of Arts in Teaching, major in English – Batch II. These students participated in the special MAT program on academic partnership of Thai Nguyen University, Vietnam and Laguna State Polytechnic University, Philippines. They are University Professors and Secondary School teachers from different parts of Vietnam who pursued Masters Degree for professional growth and development, and for promotion. These students who expect to graduat...

LSPU Officials Bound to Changwon Moonsung University, Korea for Scholarly Visit

December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   Campus Wide

LSPU-CMU international programs are strengthened by the regular and active annual periodical exchange of faculty and students. Every year, CMU is sending qualified scholars to participate in the one-month Intensive Language Proficiency Course conducted at LSPU-Santa Cruz Main Campus. Likewise, at least two faculties per year join the Korean students and take the opportunity to teach Korean Language (Hanggul) to Filipino CHMT students, in any of the four campuses. Every year also, two competent faculty members are invi...

12 TNU-Students in Special MAT English Program Present Relevant Research Proposals

December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   Campus Wide

The Master of Arts in Teaching, major in English is a special program of Laguna State Polytechnic University implemented as academic partnership between LSPU and TNU (International Training Development Center) which commenced on June 2014. Twelve (12) Vietnamese teachers registered in the program and took up subjects in the Philippines for two months at Laguna State Polytechnic University and were able to acquire satisfactory rating from the subjects taken. The optimistic behavior, enthusiasm, and hard work of thes...

Dr. SAN ANTONIO Clarifies SUC’S K-12 Queries on the Symposium SUCS as Implementing Arm of the K-12 Program

December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   Campus Wide

DR. DIOSDADO M. SAN ANTONIO, Regional Director DepEd R-IV presented the k to 12 Curricular Structure during the Symposium on SUCs as Implementing Arm of the k—12 Program at LSPU-Santa Cruz Campus on August 22, 2014. DR. NESTOR M. DE VERA, along with the Vice-President for Academic Affairs DR. MARIO C. PASION and the CIDQA Director and Chairpersons made possible the conduct of the Symposium with the objective of giving surety that SUCs will become an equal partner of the Department of Education in ensuring tha...

Gender and Development Unit Pushes “KALUSUGAN PANGKALAHATAN SA LSPU”

December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   Campus Wide

Kalusugan Pangkalahatan sa LSPU has been a blockbuster project of the Gender and Development (GAD) Unit in Laguna State Polytechnic University-Santa Cruz Main Campus slated August 26 and September 13, 2014. It aimed to promote good health among the faculty and personnel through effective health screening and extension of other related medical services. The project was in partnership with Generika Distributor, Calamba Chapter that provided medical services of doctors and assistance of registered nurses and x-ray techno...

CBMA Race2Raise 3K & 5K Fun Run Event for Scholarship

December 6, 2017   Santa Cruz Campus   College of Business Management and Accountancy

The first ever Race2Raise 3K & 5K Fun Run facilitated by the College of Business Management & Accountancy was held on August 24, 2014, Sunday from CLA Town Center, Pagsanjan to Laguna State Polytechnic UniversitySanta Cruz Main Campus. The main objective of the fun run is to provide scholarship grants to poor but truly deserving CBMA students. Prestigious commercial establishments sponsored the fun run such as McDonalds Sta Cruz, Feliciano Columns, Signeffex Sta. Cruz, Ojico Gas Central, Pocari Sweat and A/...

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